3 Reasons You Should Clean Bird Droppings From Your Building

3 Reasons You Should Clean Bird Droppings From Your Building

Like most other parts of the state, South Bay Area has some of the milder, more pleasant weather in the country throughout the year. As a result of that, the wildlife in the area is out in full-force throughout the calendar years, rather than in places like New York state, where birds may migrate during the colder winter months.

This can mean that buildings in South Bay Area regions get an extra helping of bird droppings throughout the year. No one likes a bird dropping, that’s never in question, but there is always a question about whether to do something about it. Is it worth the cost you pay to have bird droppings periodically cleaned from your building, here are three reasons why the answer is a big “yes.”

It’s Unsightly

First and most obvious is that no building, no matter how avant-garde the architecture is, looks impressive when it is covered in bird droppings. The first and most obvious negative effect that bird droppings have is that they negate any beautification of a building that the architecture is trying to impart.

Bird droppings never look good on a building, and they impair the image and professionalism of any business that is in such a building. For homeowners, time and investment spent making a home that looks gorgeous loses its luster, year by year as more droppings accumulate.

It’s Unhealthy

First, the good news. Bird droppings are not as unhealthy for you as mouse droppings or other droppings that can potentially transmit dangerous illnesses like hantavirus. In many cases, exposure to bird droppings and making contact with them is in a similar range of health risk as having a cat at home, or a caged bird, such as a parrot.

However, this is not to say that bird droppings are not unhealthy, just that they don’t pose a lethal health risk. Bird droppings, especially if they accumulate, are still not good for you. This is especially true if you or anyone in your building have respiratory conditions, such as asthma. Dried bird droppings can take on a loose, particulate, powdery form, and this can hurt breathing once people start inhaling those particles.

It’s Acidic

Bird droppings, given enough time, can damage your property. The reason for this is simple; bird droppings have a low acidic content. So while bird droppings on your building won’t be melting through the roof and making a hole in your ceiling, they will, given time and the right circumstances, chemically react with different surfaces, or different chemicals on those surfaces, such as paint.

This can have various effects such as ruining paint jobs on buildings, to even interfering with the operation of important electronics, like security cameras, given enough time. This is why removing bird droppings isn’t just important for maintaining your building’s look; it can help preserve the building’s condition against premature degradation.

If you’re interested in getting your building cleaned or having bird droppings removed, Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service is here to help. Just call us, and let us lead you to a brighter, cleaner building here in the South Bay Area area.

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