Exterior Pressure Washer House Cleaning Tips

Exterior Pressure Washer House Cleaning Tips

Patios, decks, and porches can become quite dirty over time. Dirt and grime build up on their surfaces, and it is even possible for mildew or mold to begin to grow on them. The same can be said for windows, siding, and roofs of South Bay Area homes. Unfortunately, the tasks are often quite time-consuming and tedious for homeowners. After a long day of scrubbing and washing, the individuals are likely to have aches and pains all over their bodies.

 Of course, there is always the option of hiring a South Bay Area cleaning service to do the deeds. However, taking this route is typically expensive and can throw a wrench into one's budget. Therefore, many residents would rather take a DIY approach to these matters, which, in turn, can save them loads of cash in the end. So, before employing the services of a handyman or woman, continue reading to learn about some tips that will make your cleaning endeavors a breeze.

Should You Pressure Wash, Or Not, That Is The Question

A pressure washer is an excellent tool to use for these outdoor cleaning activities. However, regardless of what a South Bay Area homeowner is washing, it is of the utmost importance that they do not set the high-powered stream too high. Doing so can cause damage to fences, siding, stucco, brick, and more. Then, instead of having a nice, clean surface, your place will probably need expensive repairs to get it looking new again.

 Plus, when washing down the home, water can get inside the walls if too much pressure is used. Thus, mold can grow without anyone being the wiser, which can have an adverse effect on the health of family members. Being exposed to toxic mold can cause issues like…

  • - Fatigue
  • - Sneezing
  • - Itchy, Watery Eyes
  • - Dizziness 
  • - Depression

When Utilized Correctly, A Pressure Washer Can Prove To Be A Homeowner's Best Friend

 Folks don't want to get stuck climbing ladders while carrying buckets of water and sponges to wipe down every inch of their home. Especially when spraying the gunk off is so much easier. It all comes down to choosing the appropriate spray head and adjusting the machine's pressure to the proper setting to prevent damage. According to Consumer Reports, it is best to use a low-pressure or 40-degree angle nozzle. Also, professionals suggest that the user keeps the sprayer at least 6 inches away from whatever they are cleaning.

This And That About Driveways

 It is not uncommon for a person's driveway to obtain stains from time to time. After all, cars get parked there, and they leak substances onto the concrete such as oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze. A pressure washer can eliminate these blemishes and also remove things like dirt and moss. Most experts agree that the unit should be set to 1,500 PSI or pounds-per-square-inch. Persons will want to use a 25 to 45-degree angle for this job. If the drips and blotches are stubborn, the individual will want to consider treating the surface with chemicals containing specially-formulated stain removers that won't damage concrete or asphalt.

So, don't work harder, but rather, work smarter. Complete some research on your smartphone, PC, or tablet to learn about more ways in which a power washer can be useful around the house. You will be happy that you did in the long run. 

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