Spring Time Is A Great Time To Pressure Wash Your Home

Spring Time Is A Great Time To Pressure Wash Your Home

Now that winter has finally ended in South Bay Area, CA, spring, and eventually the long, warm days of summer are on the way. That means that we’re now finally at the end of the wettest, dirtiest season, and we can start doing things like cleaning up our belongings and keeping them that way.

For many people, spring in South Bay Area, CA means it finally makes sense to get the car washed. But there’s another belonging you have that can also benefit from a spring cleaning. While most people think of spring cleaning for the home as just cleaning the interior, the exterior can also benefit from this with a thorough, cleansing pressure wash.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is, as the name implies, forcefully injecting air to water to increase the pressure, so it comes out at a higher speed and intensity. That might not seem like much, but a high-pressure stream of water can, with the right application, accomplish a lot more than just using your garden hose and rinsing down the siding. The pressure wash itself can be complemented with the addition of detergent for even more cleansing action.

A variation on pressure washing is power washing, which is usually something you can only get from a professional cleaning service. Power washing is, mechanically similar to pressure washing, but with one crucial addition; temperature. Unlike retail pressure washers, a power washer also heats water for a potent cleaning agent combination.

The Right Choice

Depending on what you want to wash, you may choose to go with either a pressure wash or the more comprehensive power wash. If you’re concerned only with softer surfaces that aren’t too dirty, such as wooden decks in your backyard, or just muddy driveways, a lower pressure wash may be what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of going for something a bit tougher like mold on the exterior of your aluminum siding home, you might want to go with a stronger power wash instead. This will allow you to get the job done far easier and faster.

The Benefits

Pressure or power washing your home brings some immediate benefits. Of course, the most obvious is that you beautify your exterior and add to your curb appeal. Both of these can be crucial if you just want to have a good looking home or are thinking of putting it up for sale.

Beyond that, however, regularly washing your home’s exterior gets rid of contaminants that can potentially damage your home, such as mold, algae or other potential allergens. In some cases, if you’re thinking of applying a new paint job, or other exterior work, a pressure or power wash is the fastest way to clean off the surfaces and prepare them for the new work that’s about to be done.

With spring here in South Bay Area, CA, now’s the time to think about putting a bit of shine back on your home’s exterior and giving it that wash that can make it stand out and bring out the color once more.

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