The Three Available Options For Gutter Protection

The Three Available Options For Gutter Protection

The Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide indicates that, on average, American homeowners pay approximately $150 to have a professional clean their gutters each year. The price to do so could be significantly higher, depending on:

Your gutter material

The size and length of your channels

How much debris is in your gutters

When you consider the fact that your gutters could last for 20 years, if not longer, you may find it worthwhile to install gutter guards. Gutter guards, on average, cost about $1,200, which means that they’ll pay for themselves in roughly a decade.

Gutter guards could be an effective alternative to cleaning because they keep debris from entering or becoming stuck in your pipes. When looking for gutter protection, you’ll quickly find that there are numerous options available. How could you find the one that is best for your home or business? Below, you’ll see a breakdown of the three possible options for gutter protection, allowing you to make an informed buying decision.

Flat Screens

Flat screens that go underneath the shingles are the latest in gutter protection technology. These screens are wedged between the last layer of shingles and the lip of your gutter and are suited best for steel or aluminum gutters. They are not an option if you have plastic channels. Many contractors find that these protective covers are beneficial when it comes to keeping debris out, helping to increase the time you must spend between cleanings.

The downside to flat screens is that they do not provide much rodent protection. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, or where there are a lot of squirrels, you may want to look into a different type of protection. Smaller rodents could still wedge themselves between the flat screen and your gutter system.

Solid Covers

These gutter covers feature innovative technology. They do not rely upon a screen that filters the water and keeps debris out. Instead, because they are solid, they rely on water tension to pull water into your gutters. Doing so, in theory, allow debris to slide off your gutters, which is noticeably different from screens, where debris may sit and accumulate.

Solid covers will work best if you do not have inside corners or valleys on your roof. These covers will be the most expensive option available, but they are also the most likely to cut down on your cleaning costs. Because they are most likely to feature the best performance and require minimal maintenance and care, they could be a worthwhile investment.

Arched Screens

These gutter screens, which feature an arched style, have been used for years. They are widely considered the “original” gutter screens and attach to your gutters using clips. Unfortunately, because of today’s modern gutter design, you may not be able to use arched gutter screens if your drains were installed after the 1990’s. A professional contractor can evaluate your gutter system to determine whether arched gutter screens are a viable option for your property.

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