Bird Control Protects Your Property

Bird Control Protects Your Property

Whether you’re just trying to enjoy life in your own home or have a business you’re trying to operate, one thing most people don’t expect is a “threat from above,” and that’s birds. Individually, a single bird can’t do much and is a rarely a hazard to our homes, our businesses or us. 

Collectively, however, is another story. When birds decide that your property is desirable, and gather in sizable numbers, this can make your life complicated in ways you never expected. Too many birds can actually cause property damage as they pick and eat in and around your property. But the real danger can come from too many bird droppings. 

For a business, this can be disastrous, as too many bird droppings around a property can be unsightly, discouraging customers from visiting. More pressingly, too many bird droppings can actually hurt property, as the chemicals in droppings react with paint, steel, and even electronics to damage them. Beyond that, the droppings themselves can even present a health hazard as they may carry diseases that “jump the species barrier” and affect people. So if you’ve got a bird problem, what can you do about it? 

Bird Spikes 

This is a very simple, cost-effective solution, though it may not necessarily be the most aesthetic choice. Bird spikes, when placed on the edge of a roof, or a window ledge are a series of sharp projections that jut out and discourage birds from sitting in that area. 

One of the best things about bird spikes is just how simple and low maintenance they are. Once the spikes are installed, you really don’t have to worry about them ever again. Because of its simple construction, there’s no hardware to maintain, no batteries to recharge, or complex mechanisms that will break down. On the other hand, if the look of your property is a priority for you, these spikes may break up your carefully established appearance. 

Bird Netting 

For people that are less concerned about appearance and roosting, and more concerned with protection, bird netting is another cost-effective, very efficient solution. This is largely aimed at farmers and gardeners that have plants or other crops they are interested in protecting.  

Bird netting, just like bird spikes, is not mechanical, is very simple to use, and is incredibly low maintenance. All you have to do is spread the netting where you don’t want birds to go, and they won’t. Absolutely NOT for people that want to maintain a beautiful appearance! 

Electronic Bird Control 

Finally, there are high tech solutions. Electronic bird control systems usually operate by sound, emitting ultrasonic noise, or sometimes even the noises of predatory birds, to scare other birds off. Other forms of control actually use lights, such as lasers, to scare off birds by interfering with their vision. 

These solutions are a bit more expensive but cover a variety of different home and business needs, so research what you want carefully, before deciding on which system is going to be the one that works for you.

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