Does A Clean Roof Really Matter?

Does A Clean Roof Really Matter?

If you’re a homeowner in South Bay Area, CA, one of the things you probably don’t spend much time thinking about or looking at is your roof. That’s understandable, since the roof is up on the top of your house, and in most cases, it’s difficult to get a really good, comprehensive look at it.

But that often means that homeowners in South Bay Area, CA are taking a risk; they’re assuming everything with their roof is fine, and it doesn’t need maintenance. Sometimes this might very well be the case, but in other instances, your roof might need to be cleaned. But why? Here are a few of the reasons why a roof cleaning can matter to your home.

Dirt Isn’t The Only Danger

Many homeowners assume that because roof shingles are dark in color anyway, a little dirt getting on the roof isn’t an issue, and anyway, the next rainstorm is likely to wash that dirt away. To some degree, this isn’t an inaccurate assumption. However, what it fails to take into account is that dirt isn’t the only thing that can accumulate on a roof.

There are plenty of colony organisms, such as lichen, algae, fungus, and moss that can are capable of colonizing a roof. If they open a “beachhead” on your roof, you may not even notice them at first, but eventually, if you look up, you’ll see stains, perhaps even a green coloration on parts of your roof. Unfortunately, because this isn’t loose dirt, no amount of rain is going to sweep this away.

The Biological Danger

Lichen, fungus and other colony organisms require moisture to thrive. This is why when these colonies start up, it usually happens under looser portions of shingle, where rain tender tends to gather, then evaporate the slowest compared to parts of the roof exposed to the sun.

The big danger here is that not only do these organisms stain and discolor your roof, giving it a dingy, dangerous appearance, they can also damage your roof. These organisms, given time, can weaken and degrade shingle, and, if they get into the wood underneath the shingles, forming the framework of the roof itself, they can weaken the structural integrity of the roof.

Bring In The Pros

This is why when it comes to roof maintenance, sometimes the Do-It-Yourself approach isn’t always the best way. When you call professionals in roof inspection, maintenance, and repair, you get the convenience of knowing that experienced artisans are looking over your investment, and noting where things are fine and where they might need work.

This means that you get a far more accurate assessment about the state of your roof, and what scope of maintenance or cleaning is required to get it back to up to sterling condition. Not only does this mean you get professional results, you increase the value of your property. 

So if you live in South Bay Area, CA, and you’re thinking of having your roof inspected, maintained, or even cleaned and repaired, call Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning. We have the tools and experience to get you the results you deserve.

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