The Importance Of Keeping Your Roof Clean

The Importance Of Keeping Your Roof Clean

Roofs come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, including the ones in South Bay Area. Some of the most common types are metal roofing, wood, cedar, or asphalt shingles, and slate or tile shingles. Regardless of which kind of supplies are installed on the roof of your home, keeping them clean should always be a top priority. Just like things such as peeling paint or mildewed siding can ruin curb appeal, so can a dingy looking roof.

For one, most homeowners don't want to come home after a long day of work only to have to stare at an unappealing, dirty structure. Additionally, neighbors will hate the fact that your roof has a messy appearance. Aside from acquaintances grumbling to a person's face, or behind their back about property values declining, leaving some substances in place can actually lead to damage too. Proceed to the next portion to learn about various things that can harm your roof.

Algae Needs To Be Removed

Areas of a roof that are covered by shade are more likely to see increased algae growth. GM, short for gloeocapsa magma, is a type of bacterium that feeds on asphalt and limestone. It typically thrives in locations that remain cool and moist. The spores get transported via animals and the wind, so they can be spread from rooftop to rooftop quickly. GM leaves roofs black, and the stains can eventually make their way down to the siding when left unchecked.

While blemishes don't necessarily sound like a big deal, as the patch grows and continues to do as it pleases, it often causes the shingles to deteriorate and wood beneath them to rot. Unfortunately, when these things happen, homeowners find themselves in need of expensive repairs. So, remove algae before a substantial amount of damage is done, and with any luck, save yourself some money in the long run.

Avoid Letting Lichens Grow

Lichens are complex life forms composed of both algae and fungus. They are similar to plants and have root-like tentacles. These appendages penetrate deep into the shingles seeking nourishment. Lichens are challenging to remove, and after a person finally accomplishes the feat, the organisms often reappear once the roof gets exposed to rain and humidity. Due to their penetrating nature, the Lichens leave pockmarks or scars behind, which leads to the shingles needing to be replaced.

South Bay Area Homeowners Shouldn't Neglect Moss Either

Moss is a plant with a shallow root system that needs plenty of moisture to survive. These spores are also transported to other areas by the wind and animals. Moss usually grows better in shady, cool parts of the roof such as under overhanging tree limbs. Moss growth can prevent rainwater from running off the roof appropriately and cause moisture to get trapped and freeze in the winter time.

Your home is a hefty investment, so don't leave anything to chance, instead, contact Bay Area Outdoor Cleaning Service to clean your roof and keep it in tip-top shape.

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